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    Bed-bug Management

Bed-bug Management

Bed-bugs are hitchhikers and are very common in public transport, hospitals, theatres, hotels, hostels etc. They move from place to place along with peoples clothing and baggage. During daytime, bed-bugs hide in tiny cracks and crevices and feed on blood at night. Since they are mostly found in beds they are named as bed bugs. They rely only on human blood for survival. Treatment what we provide will be odourless, single service. Ovicidal chemicals will act on bed-bug eggs, which will control new hatchings.

The Treatment

Sleeping during the night, make us more vulnerable to bed bug. Moreover, their bites are so small, that we will never be aware of them until the next morning. Take control of your bed bug infestation with our professional bed bug control expertise to completely eradicate bed bug and finally get some quality rest you deserve.

Service Benefits

  • It is highly effective and completely controls infestation of Bed bugs at home ensuring no bed bugs are found in the infected places post treatment
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